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  Shadow Defender
Shadow Defender v1.0.0.116 by REVENGE
Shadow Defender v1.4.0.579 by Z.W.T
Shadow Defender v1.4.x by Z.W.T
Shadow Illuminator v1.0.22 for Adobe Photoshop by SSG
Shadowman by TNT
Shanghai Pocket Essentials v1.0 by Philbustier
Shanghai: Pocket Essentials v1.0 Pocket PC by TSRh
Shape3d v6.10 by ENGiNE
ShapeBuilder v3.00.001 by PGC
ShapeBuilder v4.00.0006 by AGAiN
Sharc Harpoon v4.4e Linux by Lz0
ShareAlarmPro v1.5.1 by EXPLOSiON
Shareaza Turbo Accelerator v2.5.5 by AT4RE
Shared Resource Scanner v6.2 by TSRh
ShareGuard Copy Protection v3.5 by FFF
ShareGuard Copy Protection v3.6 by FFF
ShareLock20-dll by Natabec
ShareO v2.30.0142 for Microsoft Outlook by BRD
ShareO v2.32.0152 for Microsoft Outlook by BRD
ShareO v2.41.0209 for Microsoft Outlook by BRD
ShareO v2.80.0320 for Microsoft Outlook by BRD
Shareware Cheater v3 Launcher by Net Guru
Shark Screensaver v2001.10 by LasH
SharkGen v1.0.89 by BRD
Sharp World Clock v6.6 by cRUDE
SharpEye v2.25 by TSRh
Shedworx VoltaicHD v1.2.2 by DEVOTiON
Sheet Lightning v5.0.8 by iPA
Sheet Lightning v5.0.8 by ECLiPSE
SheilSoft CDMenu 2 by SnD
Sheilsoft CDMenu v3.0 by NiTROUS
ShellGuard v3.45 by TSRh
ShellLabs Icon Changer v3.5 by AGGRESSiON
ShenProfessional v3.0 by DEVOTiON
Sheridan Active Threed Plus v3.0 by PC
Sherlock Holmes v2.0 by fritmo
Sherlock Holmes: Three Cases
ShipPlotter v10.1f by BRD
ShipPlotter v12.3.3 by NeoX
ShipPlotter v12.3.5 by BRD
ShipPlotter v12.3.7 by NeoX
ShipPlotter v12.4.5.4 by NeoX
ShixxNote by DEVOTiON
Shm Profit Euro Handwerk 2004 v7.0.0.103 German by EQUiNOX Bejeweled 2 Deluxe by TSRh Heavy Weapon Deluxe v1.0 by TSRh Lemonade Tycoon 2 NewYork Edition v1.1.39 build 323 by TSRh Pizza Frenzy by TSRh
Shoecake Games Random Factor Mahjong v2.0.3 by DJiNN
Shogo v2.2 by DBC
Shogun Sudoku Deluxe v1.0 by TNT
ShopKey5 Service Writer v5.7.1.4 by DEVOTiON
Shortcut PhotoZoom Pro v1.095 WinXP Fixed by TSRh
ShotSoft 2003 Demo by MP2K
Show v1.6 by AGAiN
ShowTime! 5-in-1 Builder v3.0.1f by ECLiPSE
Shredder Chess Classic 4
Shredder Classic v1.2 by ICU
Shredder v3.0 by DBC
Shrek 2 Ogre Bowler v1.0 by f4cg
Shri Jyoti Star v5.02 by TSRh
Shri Jyoti Star v5.02 No.A331 by TSRh
Shrine Circus Tycoon MONEY by RELOADED
Shutdown Auto v1.12 by ECLiPSE
Shutdown Timer Express v1.0.3 by YPOGEiOS
ShutDown XP Profi Edition v3.7.4 by ViRiLiTY
ShutdownTimer v1.0.2 by CRYSTAL
ShutdownTimer v2.0.3 by EPSiLON
ShutOff 2000 v2.4.2 by TMG
Sia Smaart Acoustic Tools v4.1.2.0 eng by MP2K
Sia Smaart Live demo2full v5.4.0.0 by MP2K
Sibelius 4 OCX by WeASeL
Sibelius 4 Windows by WeASeL
Sibelius G7 v2.7.0 build 8 by TSRh
Sibelius v1.4
Sibelius v2.0
Sibelius v4.0 by H2O
Sibelius v4.1.5 by BEAT
Sibelius v5.0 by BEAT
Sibelius v6.1.0.14 by REBELS
Sibelius v6.2.0.88S by REBELS
SiberSystems GoodSync v9.9.4.4 by SnD
Sidefx Houdini Master v8.0.383 Final by XFORCE
SIDOMO Hausverwaltung v2005 by ViRiLiTY
SIDOUN SiGePlan XP v4.22 German by PARADOX
SIDOUN WinAVA v9.3 German by PARADOX
Siedler 3
Siemens Plant Simulation v9.0 by oDDiTy
Siemens Simatic
Siemens Simatic PDM v6.0 SP2 by TBE
Siemens Simatic PDM v6.0 SP4 by TBE
Siemens SIMATIC S7 GRAPH v5.3 SP4 by TBE
Siemens SIMATIC S7 PLCSIM v5.4 by TBE
Siemens SIMATIC S7 PLCSIM v5.4 SP1 by TBE
Siemens SIMATIC S7 PLCSIM v5.4 SP2 by TBE
Siemens Simatic S7 Plcsim v5.4 Sp3 by TBE
Siemens SIMATIC S7 SCL v5.3 SP4 by TBE
Siemens Simatic Step 7 v5.0 Several Autorizations
Siemens Simatic WinCC Connectivity Pack v7.0 by TBE
Siemens Simatic WinCC DataMonitor v7.0 by TBE
Siemens Step7 v5.1 SP1 by M5
Sierra Chart v3.53 by MAXiMUM
Sierra Charts v3.28 by CORE
Sigel BusinessCard Software v2.03 by DEVOTiON
SIGEPLAN 2005 plus v050401.2.5.0150 by ACME
SiGePlan v3.3.4 German by PARADOX
Sigma Design ARRIS v9.2 by EDGE
Sigma Design BuildersCAD v9.1 by EDGE
SigmaPlot 10 Build 10.0.54 by FFF
SigmaPlot v9.01 by RECOiL
SigmaStat 3.5 Build by FFF
SigmaStat v3.11 by RECOiL
SigmaZone DOE PRO XL v2.32.0001 by BRD
SigmaZone Quantum XL v3.35.0111 by BRD
Sign Wizard v5.1 by Morglum
Signa Family Finances v3.0.2.213 Linux by N-GeN
Signal Computer Consultants Train Dispatcher v3.5 by cRUDE
Signature995 v8.0 by Lz0
SignatureCAD Squiggle v5.2.0 by PARADOX
Signcut v1.63 by LND
SignCut v2002.1.50 by TNO
SignGO SignPLUS v3.05 by Lz0
SignGo v1.0.7.0 by PARADOX
Signum 1100 DX v2.2 by FALLEN
SigView v1.9.0.1 by ORiON
SigView v1.9.5.0 by ORiON
SIGVIEW v1.901 by FFF
SilentPrint v2.0 by EMBRACE
SilentPrint v2.01A by EMBRACE
Silhouette v1.1 for Adobe Illustrator by SSG
Silhouette v1.1 for Adobe Illustrator 10 CS MacOS by SSG
Silhouette v1.1 for Adobe Illustrator CS2 MacOS by SSG
SilhouetteFX v3.0.4 x32 by FFF
SilhouetteFX v3.0.5 x32 by FFF
SiliconRealms SoftwarePassport 9.64 Public Build by STC
SilkPerformer v7.0 by Z.W.T
SILKYPIX Developer Studio v1.0.10.3 by CORE
SILKYPIX Developer Studio v2.0.0.3 by CORE
Silvawood Software Absolute Pitch v2.16 by CROSSFiRE
SilverFast Epson v5.1.2r09 by BLiZZARD
SilverFast v6.2.1d1 by KpTeam
SilverFast v6.2.1d1 by KpTeaM
Silverjuke v1.00 by REVENGE
SilverScreen v3.1.5.1 by TSRh
Silverspike R2 VST v1.0 by BEAT
Sim Aquarium Deluxe v2.0 by EFC87
Sim AQUARIUM Screensaver V2.05 DEMO Version
SIM Card Data Recovery Software v3.0.1.5 by AGGRESSiON
Sim City 3000 by FHCF
Sim City 4 by Crap-CrAcKeR
Sim City 4
Sim City Societies Destinations by FFF
Sim Gangster v2.0.5485 by DELiGHT
Sim Manager v2.2 by FFF
SimApp v2.61 by ACME
SimaPro v7.1.8 by CORE
Simatic Step7
Simatic WinCC Connectivity Pack v6.2 by TBE
Simbiont-max v1.15 Plugin by DBC
SimCity 3000 by RP
SimCity 4 by Seekware
SimCity 4 US by FFF
Simcity Societies Deluxe Edition
Simcon Cadmould 3d-F v2.0 by LND
SimDesign DtpDocuments Suite v2.13 for Delphi 5 6 7 by EAT
SiMeter v2.0 by Buco
Simocode ES Premium v2007 SP1 by TBE
Simon Jarvis USMT XML Builder v8.6.39 by Lz0
SimonTools CyberGhost 2004 v1.1 by HS
SimonTools CyberGhost 2004 v1.1 German by HS
SimonTools CyberGhost 2006 German by diGERATi
SimonTools CyberGhost 2006 v2.4 German by HERiTAGE
Simple Add-ons v1.0 for Archicad x64 by ENGiNE
Simple Add-ons v1.0 for Archicad x86 by ENGiNE
Simple Check v5.2D by CROSSFiRE
Simple DNS Plus v4.00.07 by iNViSiON
Simple Screenshot Capture v7.0 by YPOGEiOS
Simple Shop v1.9.8.177 by CORE
SimpleCast v1.0.0 by CAFE
SimpleCast v2.3.5 by CAFE
SimpleCast v2.5.1 by CAFE
Simplecast v2.5.3 by TSRh
SimpleOCR v3.1
Simplify Printing v3.0 by SSG
SimpLogix Uninstall Plus v3.2 by Z.W.T
Simply Software Simply Invoice v2.3.1.4 by cRUDE
SimplyCam v1.25.03 by ViRiLiTY
SimplyCam v1.26.02 by BRD
SimplyCam v1.27.00 by ViRiLiTY
Simpo PDF Creator Pro v3.1.2 by FALLEN
Simpo PDF Merge and Split v2.2.1 by FALLEN
Simpo PDF to PowerPoint Converter v1.2 by FALLEN
Simpo PDF to Text Converter v2.2 by FALLEN
Simpo PDF to Word v3.0.0 by f4cg
Simprocess v4.2.1 by SHOCK
Simpsons Hit and Run by PiZZA
Sims 3 Ambitions
Sims 3 Fast Lane Stuff / Gib Gas Asseccoires
Sims 3 Garten
Sims 3 Late Night
Sims 3 Luxus Accessoires
Sims 3 Razor1911
Sims Deluxe
Sims House Party by eYE
Simsci Dynsim v4.0 by LND
SimSynth v2.7 by UNiQUE
SimulationExams Cisco 640-801 CCNA Practice Exams v4.0S by REBELS
SimulationExams CISCO CCNA Practice Exams v2.7 by jgt
Simutech Troubleshooting Basic Techniques v3.2.0.1 by EMBRACE
Simutech Troubleshooting Control Circuits v3.2.0.1 by EMBRACE
Simutech Troubleshooting Motor Controls v3.2.0.1 by EMBRACE
SimVenture v3.4.6 by EDGE
Sinda/Fluint v4.6 by SHOCK
Singular Inversions FaceGen Modeller v3.1.2 by ViRiLiTY
Singular Pluraleyes v1.2.13 For Pp by XFORCE
Singular Pluraleyes v1.2.2 For Vp by XFORCE
SinkSub Pro v2.04 by AGAiN
SinkSub Pro v2.04 by UnderPl
SinkSub Pro v2.04 All Access Unlocker by UnderPl
SirAdos LEGEP v1.2.496 German by oDDiTy
Sismur v2.0.0 by FFF
SiSoftware Sandra Business 2016.01.22.10 by FFF
SiSoftware Sandra Engineer Standard v2011.11.17.84 by HERiTAGE
SiSoftware Sandra Enterprise v2011.11.17.84 by HERiTAGE
SiSoftware Sandra Enterprise v2011.6.17.50 by HERiTAGE
SiSoftware Sandra Professional Business v2011.11.17.84 by HERiTAGE
SiSoftware Sandra Professional Home v2011.11.17.84 by HERiTAGE
Sisulizer 2010 Enterprise v2010.314 by BEAN
Sisulizer 3 Enterprise v3.329 by BEAN
SiteCrawler v1.0.1 MacOSX UB by META
SiteDesigner BatchSync FTP v2.1.1 by ROGUE
SiteKiosk v6.2 Build 51 by cRUDE
SiteSpinner v2.x by FULMOON
SitNGo Wizard v1.0.1.71 by CROSSFiRE
Sitni Sati Afterburn v4.0b For 3ds Max 2010 by XFORCE
Sitni Sati Dreamscape v2.5f For 3ds Max 2011 by XFORCE
SIW aka System Info for Windows v1.73 by CORE
SIW-System Information for Windows Business v2011.05.26 by Substance
SIW-System Information for Windows Technicians v2011.05.26 by Substance
Six Mile Creek Systems Springboard v1.01 by Lz0
Sixtina ABCosting Professional v3.39 Spanish by AGGRESSiON
Sixtyforce v0.9.2 MacOSX by CORE
Sixtyforce v0.9.5 MacOSX by CORE
SizeExplorer Pro v3.8.4 working by YAG

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