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  Schlumberger Petrel v2004 by LND
SchnapperPro v1.5.50 German by HS
ScholarSoft Flash! Pre-Release v1.2 by Prophecy
School Control v1.91i by @Dai
School Library Organizer Pro v2.3 by YPOGEiOS
School Pack Pro v2.3 by YPOGEiOS
SchoolBell by AT4RE
SchoolBell v4.1 Bilanguage by LAXiTY
SchoolBell v6.0 Bilanguage by LAXiTY
Schoolhouse Technologies Schoolhouse Test v3.0.9.1 by BEAN
Schoolhouse Technologies Schoolhouse Test v3.1.7.9 by BEAN
Schoolhouse Technologies Vocabulary Worksheet Factory v4.1.4.3 by BEAN
Schoolhouse Technologies Vocabulary Worksheet Factory v4.1.9.0 by BEAN
Schweighofer Win1A-Fakt und Win1A-Lager Profi v12.00b German by MESMERiZE
Schweighofer Win1A-Lohn Profi 2011 v11.00e German by MESMERiZE
Schweighofer WinZinsen 2010 v16.0 German by MESMERiZE
SCIA ESA Prima Win v3.60.394 by TBE
SCIA ESA Prima Win v3.60.394 UPDATE by TBE
SCiDOT Scienc62 by FFF
Scidot Scienc64 v3.7 by FFF
Scienc64-GDmath8 v3.5 by FFF
Scientific Toolworks Understand v2.0b466 Linux by Z.W.T
Sciforma PS8 v8.5.0.7 by RENEGADE
SciTech Display Doctor v7.0
SciTech GLDirect v3.0 by TSRh
Scitools All Products Universal v1.0 by TBE
Scitor PSN v8.5.0.6 by UTOPiA
SClock Plus v1.5 by ECLiPSE
Scooter Software Beyond Compare v3.2.3.13046 by Z.W.T
Scooter Software Beyond Compare v3.2.4.13298 by CORE
Scooter Software Beyond Compare v3.3.2.14050 by Z.W.T
ScopeBox v2.1.2 MacOSX by CORE
ScopeDSP v3.5b by PC
Scrabble Blast Deluxe v1.0.56 by PiZZA
Scrambled Card InvoiceIt v4.209 by HAZE
Scramby v1.5.0.6 by TE
Scramby v2.0.32.0 by TE
Screaming Bee MorphVOX DJ Streaming Plugin v4.3.0.22397 by Lz0
Screaming Bee MorphVOX Pro Batch Converter Plugin v4.0.4.28414 by Lz0
Screaming Bee MorphVOX Pro Effects Rack Plugin v4.2.0.20488 by Lz0
Screaming Bee MorphVOX Pro v4.3.13 by Lz0
Screaming Bee ScriptVOX Studio Personality Voice-Mod v1.0.1.0 by Lz0
Screaming Bee ScriptVOX Studio v2.0.5 by Lz0
Screaming Bee Voice Again v1.5.9 by Lz0
Screen Grabber 2001 by LasH
Screen Mate Builder v1.1 by CAFE
Screen Mate Builder v1.1 by FFF
Screen Recorder gOLD v2.1 Build 1725 by WOLFF
Screen Recorder Gold v2.1.1725 by LUCiD
Screen Resolution Manager v5.0.0.615 by REVENGE
Screen Saver Builder v2.x by TNT
Screen Saver Center v0.8.18 beta by SirCrack
Screen Scraper Enterprise v4.5 SOLARIS SPARC by RECOiL
Screen Snatcher v4.1 by ECLiPSE
Screen Snatcher v5.1 by CORE
ScreenDoors 2000 v2.1.4.3 by HS
Screenpresso Pro v1.5.3.10
Screenpresso v1.3.7.0 Pro by RePT
Screensaver Maker Pro v1.83 by SoftCracker_vn
ScreensaverMaker v1.83 by CORE
Screenshot Utility v1.0 by TSRh
ScreenShot2File v1.2 by FALLEN
ScreenShot2File v1.3.2.0 by TBE
ScreenShot2File v1.3.2.0 by REVENGE
ScreenShot2File v1.3.5 by AGGRESSiON
ScreenShot2File v1.3.5.14 by AGGRESSiON
Screenshot2file v1.3.5.22 by REVENGE
ScreenShot2File v1.3.5.24 by AT4RE
ScreenShot2File v1.3.5.26 by AT4RE
ScreenShot2File v1.3.5.28 by AT4RE
ScreenShot2File v1.3.5.xx by ICU
ScreenSteps Pro v2.7.1.17 by CORE
ScreenSteps Pro v2.9 by CORE
Screwlab Pro v3.2 by PirateK
Scribble Code Aeon Timeline v1.0.8 by SnD
ScriptCryptor Compiler v2.9.0.0 by TE
ScriptCryptor Compiler v2.9.3.0 by TE
Scripts Encryptor v3.0.2.1 by AGGRESSiON
Scrivener v1.54 MacOSX by CORE
SDAC v2.45 for Delphi 7 by PHOBiA
SDL Trados Studio 2009 SP2 v8.1.1264 by Lz0
Sea War The Battles 2 v2.1 by ECLiPSE
Seagate Backup Exec Desktop 98
Seagate Backup Exec Desktop 98
Seagate Backup Exec Desktop 98 v3.0a by Saltine
Seagate Desktop Management Suite v3.01a by PWA
Seagate FILE RECOVERY for Windows v2.0 by YAG
Seagate Personal Firewall Pro v5.0
Seagull Bartender 6 build 398 by EMiNENCE
Seagull Bartender v6.12 b557 by EMiNENCE
Seagull Scientific BarTender Enterprise Print Server v8.01.2179 by cRUDE
Seagull Scientific BarTender v9.01.2494 by cRUDE
Seagull Scientific BarTender v9.01.2561 by cRUDE
Seagull Scientific BarTender v9.10.2592 by cRUDE
Seagull Scientific BarTender v9.20.2648 by cRUDE
Seagull Scientific BarTender v9.20.2670 SR1 by cRUDE
Seagullscientific BarTender Enterprise Automation v9.30.2725.2652 by RedT
Seapine Software TestTrack Pro Server v2009.0.0 Java Installer Linux64 by Lz0
Search Engine Commando v3.1 by RP
Search Engine Composer v5.3.11 by tPORt
Search Maker Pro v2.1 by UCF
Search Maker Pro v3.2 by CAT
SearchIt v2.0.8 by ORiON
Seascape 3D Screensaver v1.0 by s0m
Seasolve AutoSignal v1.7 by SCOTCH
Seasolve PeakFit v4.12 by SCOTCH
SeaStorm 3D Screensaver v1.5 by Gogz
Seastorm 3d Screensaver v1.5 by REVENGE
SeaTTY v1.20 by UCF
Secagent v4.0 by DBC
Second Copy v7.0 by TSRh
Second Copy v8.0 by LAXiTY
SecretFileSoftware Hidemyfiles v1.0 by QUANTiZE
Secrets of the Masters Trading Game v3.0.19 by TSRh
SecuKEEPER v2.6 by CORE
Secure Credit Card v1.1 by TSRh
Secure NetTerm v5.4.3 by TSZ
SecureCRT v3.2.1 by DAMN
SecureCRT v6.7.0.110 Beta1 by DJiNN
SecureFolder v7.4 by ASA
SecureFX v2.0 by DAMN
SecureNetTerm v5.4.2.5 by EPSiLON
Securithor v1.1.8.4 by SnD
Security Explorer v5.20 by EMBRACE
Security Officer for Windows v6.9.4.1 by REVENGE
Security Task Manager v1.5 by SnD
Security Task Manager v1.6c by BLiZZARD
Security Task Manager v1.7 by eaker
Security Task Manager v1.7h
SecurityCam v1.2.0.5 by CORE
SecurityPlus! v4.1 by HaMMerHeAD
SecurStar DriveCrypt Plus Pack v3.97 by CORE
SecurStar DriveCrypt v5.4.0 by CORE
SeddyShop Web Price-List v2.1d by SCOTCH
SEE Building LT v2005 Build 57 by diGERATi
See Calculation LT v1.01 by RP
SEE Electrical LT v2005.57 by diGERATi
See Technical v5 Build 1389 French Internal by ENGiNE
See5 v1.17 by TSRh
SeeNC Mill v6.1 by oDDiTy
SeeNC Turn v6.1 by oDDiTy
SeePassword v2.05 by EXPLOSiON
Seetrax Ranger XL v1.110 by EDGE
Sega Virtua Tennis v1.0 NoCD by iNFERNO
Segmented Project Planner v2.01.0126 by CSC
SeisImager Pickwin v3.02 with Plotrefa v2.68 by SHOCK
SeisImager Pickwin v3.14 with Plotrefa v2.73 by SHOCK
Seismovision v3.0.1.374 by Lz0
Selteco Alligator Flash Designer v7.0 by VERTEX
Selteco Bannershop GIF Animator 5.0 build by natabec
Selteco Bannershop GIF Animator v5.1.0 by CFF
Selteco Flash Designer v1.5 by Desperate
Selteco Full Suite v5.0 by TSRh
Selteco Menumaker v4.1.4.1 by psygnonis
SemSim Router Simulator v2.2.1 by UCF
SendBlaster Pro Edition v1.6.0
SendBlaster Pro v1.5.5 Czech by rG
Sensaura Jamma (Plugin for WinAmp) v1.07 by TSRh
Sensible Cinema Box Office for Windows v1.0.720 by FSS
Sensiva Symbol Commander v1.2 for Pocket PC by TSRh
Sentinel SuperPro emulator by N-GeN
SEO Elite v3.2 build 27 by ICU
SereneScreen Marine Aquarium 3 v3.0.1605 Beta 8 by iND
SereneScreen Marine Aquarium v3.1.5563 by EAT
SereneScreen Marine Aquarium v3.2.5991 by EAT
Serial Device Test Utility v1.50.013 by EPSiLON
Serial Monitor v3.15 by Substance
Serial Port Monitor v3.71
Serial Port Tool Comm Operator v4.2.0.1108 by CORE
Serial Port Tool Comm Operator v4.5.0.84 by DJiNN
Serial Port Tool PTZ Controller v2.3.210 by BEAN
Serial Port Tool PTZ Controller v2.8.0.443 by DJiNN
Serial Xilisoft DVD Ripper v2.0.3.415 by fritmo
Serials 2000 2k by DTG
Serials 2000 v6.0 Admin by Hellfire
Serials 2000 v7.1 Admin Tool Hack by Hellfire
Serials 2000 v7.1 Splash Screen Killer
Serials2k v7.1 by Serials2000
Serif DrawPlus X5 v12.0.0.17 by FOSI
Serif MoviePlus X6 v8.0.0.14 by FOSI
Serif PanoramaPlus X4 v4.0.1.008 by FOSI
Serif PhotoPlus X4 v14.0.1.12 by FOSI
Serif PhotoPlus X5 v15.0.1.11 by FOSI
Serif WebPlus
Serif WebPlus Starter Edition
Serif WebPlus v9.0 by SSG
Serif WebPlus X2
Serif WebPlus X5 v13.0.0.016 by FOSI
Serious Sam by FHCF
Serious Sam 2 by TSRh
Serious sam 2 (1DVD)
Serious Sam v1.00c
SeriousBit Ellipter v1.2.2 by CFF
SeriousBit Ellipter v1.6.5 by DEVOTiON
SeriousBit Ellipter v1.8.5 by cRUDE
SeriousSam by TSRh
Serlio Software Case Complete v2.5 by Lz0
Serlio Software Case Complete v2.6 by Lz0
Serv-U File Server Corporate v8.1.0.1 by CORE
Serv-U FTP Server Daemon v6.xx by SnD
Serv-U FTP Server v6.0.x by TSRh
Servant Salamander v2.5 Beta 7 by FFF
Server 2000 by EMiNENCE
Servers Alive v6.1.2204 by EMBRACE
Servers Alive v6.2.2279 by EMBRACE
Service Protector v2.0.3.91 by DJiNN
ServiceCapture v2.0.19 by Lz0
ServiceLedger v4.7.0.15 by p-HeLL
Servitec Pro v3.36 by TSRh
Sesame v3.1 by DBC
SetEdit for Micronik v0.05 by ORiON
Setedit v3.31 by ECLiPSE
SetEdit9800 v0.53 by RSS
SetEditAston v1.05 by RSS
Settlement Colossus v1.0 by DELiGHT
Setup Factory v6.0.1.4 by dT
Setup Generator Pro 2001 v3.1 by TSRh
Setup Generator Pro v2001.3.1 by p-HeLL
Setup Specialist 2002 v4.3 SR-3 Build 347 by SnD
Setup2Go v1.9.11 by CORE
sevDataGrid v2.2.0.42 by ViRiLiTY
Seven Seas Deluxe v1.13 by EgyptionCrackers
Seventhstring Transcribe v7.05 by AGGRESSiON
Seventhstring Transcribe v7.20 by LifeWork
Sevnsoft Hide My Messenger v3.2.122 by HERiTAGE
Sexonix v1.0 by n7uG
Sexy Dreams 3D v3.5.0 by FFF
Sexy Dreams v3.2.5 by FFF
Sexy Party v4.8.0 by FFF
SF-Dienstplan v3.01 German by ROGUE
SF-Dienstplan Version v3.03
SF-Karte v3.0 German by LAXiTY
SF-Ordnerlabel v2.00 German by p-HeLL
SF-Visitenkarte v10.0 German by LAXiTY
SFaxTools SFaxSee v1.40 by diGERATi
SFV Checker v1.14 by SSG
SFVChecker v1.10 by MP2K
SFX Machine Pro VST v1.0 by BEAT
SFX Machine Pro VST v1.1.1 by AiR
SFX Machine RT VST v1.0.5 by BEAT
SFX-Factory v2.64 by TMG
SFX-Factory! v1.5 by UCF
Sfx-Factory! v2.5 by TSRh
Shade Professional v12.0.2 by DOA
Shade Professional v7.1.3 by WDYL
Shade v7.1.3 Standard by TMG

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