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  DreamCoder for Oracle v1.5.8.2 by FFF
DreamCoder for Oracle v1.6.5.0 by FFF
DreamLight Photo Editor v3.9 by YPOGEiOS
DreamRender v2.1 by Lz0
DreamToolz Homepage Creator v1.0
DreamToolz Homepage Creator v1.0 by TMG
DreamWeaver MX
DreamWeaver Mx v6.1 by N-GeN
Dreamweaver Ultradev 4
Dreamweaver UltraDev v4.0 by MBE
DreamWeaver V1.28 by PC
Dreamweaver v8.0 by Z.W.T
DrillBook v1.10 by TBE
Drive Genius v2.x
Drive Power Manager v1.10 by BLiZZARD
Drive Reviver v5.0.2.24 by URET
Drive Scrubber v2.0a by DCZ
Drive SnapShot v1.40.14825 by ACME
Drive SnapShot v1.40.15419 by EAT
Drive SnapShot v1.40.15449 by EAT
Drive SnapShot v1.40.15667 by EAT
Drive SnapShot v1.43 by SnD
Drive Software Atomic Alarm Clock v5.91 by CzW
DriveeMax v4.92
Driver Checker v2.1 by f4cg
Driver Checker v2.7.2 by BRD
Driver Checker v2.7.2 Build 2009-02-24 by f4cg
Driver Checker v2.7.3 by cRUDE
Driver Checker v2.7.4 datecode 20100829 by Lz0
Driver Checker v2.7.5 by BRD
Driver Checker v2.7.5 datecode 20110907 by p-HeLL
Driver Checker v2.x
Driver Extractor v1.0 by TSRh
Driver Genius 2004 v1.7.Build.203 by ViRiLiTY
Driver Genius 2004 v1.8.0.107 by ViRiLiTY
Driver Genius 2004 v17.203 English by DBZ
Driver Genius 2005 Professional v5.1.915 by EMBRACE
Driver Genius 2006 v6.1.2518 by EMBRACE
Driver Genius 2007 Professional v7.1.622 by EMBRACE
Driver Genius Pro 2004 v1.6.0.608 by FFF
Driver Genius Pro 2008 v8
Driver genius pro 9
Driver Genius Pro Edition 2005 v4.xx by SnD
Driver Genius Pro Edition 2005 v4.xx universal by SnD
Driver Genius Pro Edition 2007 by AT4RE
Driver Genius Pro Edition v1.6.0.608 Silent Update by FFF
Driver Genius Pro v7.1.622 by CORE
Driver Genius Pro v8.0 by CORE
Driver Genius Pro v9.0.0.190 DM999
Driver Genius Professional 2004 v1.7 by SnD
Driver Genius Professional 2004 v2.1.852 by TBE
Driver Genius Professional 2005 v5.1.915 by TBE
Driver Genius Professional 2005 v5.2.728 by TBE
Driver Genius Professional 2005 v6.0.1882 by TBE
Driver Genius Professional Edition 2004 v1.6.608 by ViRiLiTY
Driver Genius Professional Edition 2004 v16.608 English by DBZ
Driver Genius Professional Edition 2007 v7.0.2358 by CORE
Driver Genius Professional Edition 2007 v7.0.2358 by FFF
Driver Genius Professional Edition v1.6.0.608 by FFF
Driver Genius Professional Edition v9.0.180
Driver Genius Professional Editon 2004 by FFF
Driver Genius Professional v1.5 by iPA
Driver Genius Professional v8.0.316
Driver Genius Professionnal 2005 v5.1.915 by FFF
Driver Magician v1.41 by ECN
Driver Magician v1.41 by CrackDigit
Driver Magician v1.43 by ECN
Driver Magician v2.4 by TSRh
Driver Magician v3.28 by CORE
Driver Magician v3.42
Driver MAGICIAN v3.49
Driver Magician v4.3 by f4cg
Driver Robot
Driver scanner 2010
Driver scanner v4.0.1
DriverChecker v2.7.3
DriverGuide Toolkit
DriverGuide Toolkit v1.0.2 by CAFE
DriverGuide Toolkit v1.1 by FALLEN
DriverMagician v4.xx by TE
Drivermax by yad v7 by TEAM-X
DriverMax v4.8
DriverMax V5.0
Drivers Daily Log v3.3.4.8 by HERiTAGE
DriverScanner 2009 v2.0.0.20 by BRD
DriverScanner 2009 v2.0.0.26 by BRD
DriverScanner 2011
DriverScanner 2011 v3.0.0.7
DriveScan Plus v3.33b German by p-HeLL
DriveSitter Pro v1.6.0.7 by AGAiN
DriveWorks Solo v8.2.0.137 by Lz0
DriveWorks Solo v8.2.0.137 X64 by Lz0
DriveWorks Solo v8.3.0.241 X64 by Lz0
DRMBuster V4.0.1.0 by ENGiNE
DropDMG v2.8.6 MacOSX by CORE
Dropheads from Reflexive Arcade by IHC
Droppix ISO PowerPack v1.0.2 by TDK
Droppix iSO PowerPack v1.2.1 by ENGiNE
Droppix iSO PowerPack v1.6.1 by ENGiNE
Droppix iSO PowerPack v1.6.3 by ENGiNE
Droppix iSO PowerPack v1.7 by ENGiNE
Droppix iSO PowerPack v1.7.2 by ENGiNE
Droppix iSO PowerPack v1.7.3 by ENGiNE
Droppix iSO PowerPack v1.7.4 by ENGiNE
Droppix ISO PowerPack v1.xx by SnD
Droppix Label Maker Deluxe v2.0 by ENGiNE
Droppix Label Maker XE v2.9.7 by YAG
Droppix Label Maker XE v2.9.8 by MESMERiZE
Droppix Recorder v2.9.0.0 by BLiZZARD
Droppix Recorder v2.9.1 by DOA
Droppix Recorder XE Max v2.9.0 by YAG
DropToCD (DataCD/DVD) v3.02 Beta fixed by TSRh
DRPU MSI to EXE Creator v4.0.1.6 by Lz0
DRS 2006 Internet Bradcaster v1.3.0 by TMG
DRS 2006 Internet Broadcaster v2.5.3 by TSRh
DRS 2006 v2.11 by EPSiLON
Druckverlust v6.0.3 German by HS
Drug Wars Underworld v1.3.1080 by ORiON
Drumagog DX v1.77 by BLiZZARD
DrumScriobh v1.0 Build 2 by FHCF
DrumStation v1.08 by CORE
Drver detective
DrWeb Universal
DSC Gosteel v5 Sp6 Build40 by LND
DSCdecoder v4.5.5.7 by NeoX
DSD PC-Rect v3 by Lz0
DSLR Focus v3.3.14 by NiTROUS
DSLR Remote Pro v1.0 by PARADOX
DSLR Remote Pro v1.10b5 by PSD
DSP/FX Virtual Pack v6.2 by ROR
DSS DJ v5.0 by CrackDigit
DTM Race Drive 2 Codemasters
Dtnotes V3.2 by diGERATi
dtSearch v6.07 (Build 6205) by TSRh
DU Meter v2.1.1 by CORE
DU Meter v3.00 by PC
DU Meter v3.05 build 146 by Freddy Cruger
DU Meter v3.05 build 148 by REVENGE
DU Meter v3.50.2822 by CORE
Duality CalendarScope v7.0.1.0 by SnD
DudeLabs RC Converter v1.0.2 by Lz0
DuMeter German V3.07 Build 192 by HS
DuMeter German V3.07 Build 200 by HS
DUMeter v3.07.200 by DEVOTiON
DUMeter v3.07.200 German by DEVOTiON
Dundas Chart For Share Point For MS Office SharePoint Server 2007 v1.0.0.315 by AGGRESSiON
Dundas Chart for SharePoint v1.0 for MS Office SharePoint Server 2007 by Z.W.T
Dundas Chart for SharePoint v1.0.316 for MS Office SharePoint Server 2007 by Z.W.T
Dundas Gauge for ASP NET Edition v2.5.2.200 for Visual Studio 2008 by Lz0
Dundas Gauge for Windows Forms Edition v2.5.2.200 for Visual Studio 2008 by Lz0
Dundas OLAP Services for Windows Forms v6.1.0.1729 by Lz0
Dungeon Keeper 2 v1.0 by DBC
Dungeon Keeper 2 v1.0 All Versions by DBC
Dungeon Scroll Gold Edition v2.00a by ECLiPSE
Dup-DVD v2.10 by ORiON
DUP-DVD v2.2.0a
DupExplorer v1.1 by REVENGE
Dupli Find v4.0 by TSRh
Dupli Find v5.0
Duplicate File Cleaner v2.2.5.32 by f4cg
Duplicate File Cleaner v2.5.2 by CzW
Duplicate File Cleaner v2.5.3.152 by LAXiTY
Duplicate File Cleaner v2.6.2.201 by LAXiTY
Duplicate Image Finder v1.0.20 by RECOiL
Duplicate MP3 File Finder by FFF
Duplicate MP3 File Finder v6.0 by BRD
Duplitop v7.0.2.0 by FFF
DVB Dream v2.1a by MAZE
DVB Dream v2.6 by FFF
DVB Dream v2.7p1
DVBViewer Pro v4.0.0.0 by cRUDE
DVD Audio Extractor v4.0.2 by CORE
DVD Audio Extractor v6.0.1 by LAXiTY
DVD Clone Factory v5.5 by diGERATi
DVD Cloner II v2.32 by C-Los
DVD Cloner Pro v3.0 by DEVOTiON
DVD Cloner v1.90 by UnderPl
DVD Cloner VI v6.70.986
DVD Cloner VII v7.0.990
DVD Cloner VII v7.10.992 by cRUDE
DVD Copy v2.0 Platinum by PARADOX
DVD Device Lock v2.4.444 by BRD
DVD Fab platinum v6.0.0.2 Beta
DVD Menu Studio v2.0.17.0 by DEVOTiON
DVD Movie Cloner v3.6 by REVENGE
DVD Photo Slideshow Professional v6.70 by HERiTAGE
DVD Photo Slideshow v3.0 by ROR
DVD PixPlay Professional Edition v6.1.6.1124 by DJiNN
DVD Power Burner Pro v2.7.1 by diGERATi
DVD Rebuilder Pro v1.28.2 by iND
DVD Ripper Wizard v2.30 by CORE
DVD SlideShow v1.0 by PARADOX
DVD Video Plugin for Nero 7 by Net Guru
DVD X Player Standard v4.0 by TE
DVD X Studios CloneDVD v3.9.4.0 by ViRiLiTY
DVD X Studios CloneDVD v4.3.0.2 by TE
DVD X Studios DVD X Utilities v2.6 by NeoX
DVD+Audio Creator v1.01 by SnD
DVD-Cloner Platinum v6.00.979 by BRD
DVD-Cloner v2.20 Build 820 by iPA
DVD-CLONER v2.62 Build 850 by SnD
DVD-Cover-Designer 2005 v1.05 German by DEVOTiON
DVD-lab by Fedex
DVD2One v1.1.1
DVD2one v1.2.3 by LUCiD
DVD2one v1.3.0 by LUCiD
DVD2one v1.40 by FFF
DVD2one v2.0.0 Spanish by TFT
DVD2one v2.0.6 by FFF
DVD2one v2.1.1 by ECLiPSE
DVD2one v2.2.2 by FFF
DVD2One v2.3.1 by DOA
DVD2one2 v2.0.4 by FFF
DVD2oneX v2.0.6 by FFF
DVD95Copy Pro v3.5.1.55 by DEVOTiON
DvdComposer v1.0 5 by FFF
DVDFab 9.x by BRD
DVDFab All Products v6.0.2.2 by NOY
DVDFab Gold v2.9.7.5 by TSRh
DVDFab Passkey v8.0.0.2 by WRATH
DVDFab Passkey v8.2.6.4
DVDFab Platinum v2.82 by YAG
DVDFab Platinum v2.9.3.5 by YAG
DVDFab Platinum v2.9.6.2
DVDFab Platinum v5.1.0.0 by DOA
DVDFab v2.0.0.8 by FFF
DVDFab v8.0.5.0 by WRATH
DVDFab v8.1.6.1 Qt by BRD
DVDFab v9 (any version)
DVDFab v9.2.3.5 by BRD
DVDGhost v2.5.125 by TE
DVDIdle Pro v5.9.8.3 by CzW
DVDInfoPro Xtreme v6.029 Vista by cRUDE
DVDInfoPro Xtreme v6.135 by CORE
DVDPean Pro v3.6.3 by fritmo
DVDPean Pro v5.6.0 by YAG
DvdXcopy v1.5 by CORE
DVR-Studio Pro v1.12 by EQUiNOX
DVR-Studio Pro v1.50 German by BSZ
DVR-Studio Pro v1.56 by EQUiNOX
DVR-Studio v0.96 English Beta by TSRh
DVR-Studio v0.99h by KpTeaM
DVStreamerPRO NTSC - PAL v1.1.0 by TSRh
DWGTool Acme CAD Converter v7.86 by ER8
dWinLock v2.11 by EAT
DX Atlas v2.1 by TSRh
DxO All Products Activator by MPT

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