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  Disk And Registry Alert v2.27 by diGERATi
Disk Checker v3.0 beta 2 us by FFF
Disk Doctors Digital Media Recovery v1.0 by YAG
Disk Doctors Email Recovery DBX v2.0.1 by YAG
Disk Doctors FAT Data Recovery v1.0.1 by YAG
Disk Doctors Linux Data Recovery v1.0 by YAG
Disk Doctors Outlook Mail Recovery PST v2.0.1 by YAG
Disk Doctors Undelete v1.0 by YAG
Disk Drill v1.4.149 MacOSX by CORE
Disk Drill v1.5.167 MacOSX by CORE
Disk Drill v1.6.173 MacOSX by CORE
Disk Password Protection v4.8.624 by YAG
Disk Password Protection v4.8.930 by YAG
Disk Piecharter V2.0 by PC
Disk Share NFS server for NT by PC
Disk4You CDRWin v6.0.0.0 by diGERATi
DISKdata V3.1.2 by TEX
DiskDigger v1.5.4.1405.28.12.2012 by Vovan666
Diskeeper 2010 Pro Premier v14.0.896 by AGAiN
Diskeeper Diskeeper 2010 Pro Premier v14.0.903 by AGAiN
DiskFactory 32 v2.10
DiskInternals NTFS Recovery v2.93
DiskSpy v2.0 Professional SCSI Edition by YAG
DiskTrix SystemBooster v2.0 by DEVOTiON
Disktrix Ultimate Defrag v4.0.95.0 by FFF
DiskVision v1.3.0.0 by ROCK
DisplayFusion v3.2.0 by DJiNN
Divelements SandBar for Windows Forms v1.4.3 by DEVOTiON
Divelements SandDock for Windows Forms v3.0.6 by DEVOTiON
Divelements SandRibbon for Windows Forms v1.6.8 by DEVOTiON
DiVerSe vocSteady VST v1.0 by TALiO
DivlocSoft Actual Search and Replace v2.8.6 by MAZE
DivX 10.x by Vovan
DivX 7 Pro for Windows by FFF
Divx Author v1.5.2.180 by DEVOTiON
Divx Author v1.5.2.180 DC051308 by DEVOTiON
DivX Auto Player by FFF
DivX Converter v1.0.1.42 by FFF
DivX Create Bundle v6.2.0 by SSG
DivX for Windows v6.8 by FFF
DivX Plus Codec v6.9.2
DivX Plus Pro v8.2.1 by Lz0
DivX Plus v8.0 Pro Build
DivX Plus v8.1.2 Build by DJiNN
DivX Plus v8.1.3 Build by Lz0
Divx Pro 8
DivX Pro v5.0 by DAMN
DivX Pro v5.0.1 by DAMN
DivX Pro v5.0.2 by DAMN
DivX Pro v5.02 by TSRh
DivX Pro v5.1.1 by SSG
DivX Pro v5.2 by SSG
DivX Pro v5.2 Win2kXP by SSG
DivX Pro v5.2.1 by SSG
DivX Pro v5.2.1 Win2kXP by SSG
DivX Subtitle Displayer v3 Build 1025 by EMiNENCE
DIY DataRecovery HD Workbench v1.1.31 by Lz0
DizMan v1.21
DJ Audio Editor v3.1 by diGERATi
DJ Jukebox v7.1 by FALLEN
DJ Mix Pro v3.00 by YAG
DjMixPro v2.5.18 by SSG
DJPOWER v3.85g by CORE
DLL Files Fixer v2.9.72.2521
DLL Files Fixer v2.9.72.2589
DLL Files Fixer v3.0.81.2643
DLL Show 2000 v5.5 by SnD
DLLspy v1.6 by TSRh
DLLspy v1.6 by ORiON
DLSoft Active Barcode Component 128 v3.30 by ORiON
DLSoft Active Barcode Component Universal v3.10 by ORiON
DLSoft Browser Barcode I-2of5 v1.11 by ORiON
DLSoft dBarcode 2D v7.21 Professional by Lz0
DLSoft dBarcode DLL 128 v3.30 by ORiON
DLSoft dBarcode DLL ITF v3.30 by ORiON
DLSoft dBarcode Java QR Code v1.00 by Lz0
DLSoft dBarcode-2D DLL Aztec v3.30 by ORiON
DLUBAL RFEM v2.01.643 Bilingual by TBE
DLUBAL RSTAB v5.14.090 by TBE
DMControls ColorPicker v1.0 by SnD
DMG Packager v1.5.3 MacOSX by CORE
DMSoft Technologies SkinCrafter v3.4.0.0 by Lz0
DNASTAR Lasergene v7.1 by iNViSiON
DNASTAR Lasergene v7.1.0 by EDGE
Dnc4U v3.0.9 by UCF
DNGuard HVM Enterprise v3.60 by SnD
DNR Collaborative MixControl Pro v1.5r2 by UNiON
DNTSoft Assistant v5.0 by ZaR
Doblon Karaoke CD G Creator Pro v2.0.15 by AGAiN
Doblon Karaoke DVD Burner v1.0.27 by AGAiN
Doblon Power CD G Burner v1.4.6 by AGAiN
Doblon Power CD G Player Pro v1.0.18 by AGAiN
Doblon Power CD G To Video Karaoke v1.0.21 by AGAiN
Doblon Power Video Karaoke v1.2.28 by AGGRESSiON
Doblon Siglos Karaoke Player Recorder v1.04 by AGAiN
Doblon Siglos Karaoke Professional v1.2.37 by AGAiN
Dobrodruzny Mahjongg Kapitola 2 v1.0 Czech by rG
DOC Regenerator v2.01 by BLiZZARD
DOC Regenerator v2.01 fixed by TSRh
DOC Regenerator v2.11 by ACME
DOC to Image Converter v2.0 by CAT
DOC to Image Converter v2.0 010905 by CAT
DOC to Image Converter v2.0.032605 by EMBRACE
Doc-O-Matic v6.5.1 Professional by SSG
DocCleaner V1.9.1 by Faith2000
DocFather v2.30 Pro Standalone
Docklight v1.3 by UnderPl
Docklight v1.9.21 by Lz0
DocRepair v2.10 Build 0316 by FFF
DocRepair v3.10 build 0710 by FFF
Doctor Alex v1.01 by FFF
Doctor Alex v1.01 by ViRiLiTY
Doctor Web v4.24 by TNT
Doctris Deluxe v2.1 by DELiGHT
Documalis Free Basket by FFF
Documalis Free Scanner by FFF
Documalis Free Web Form by FFF
Documentos Msd v1.80 by TSRh
DocumentsRescue Pro v2.7.xx by FFF
DocuSnap v3.01.0009 by ACME
DocuXplorer Enterprise v4.0.7.261 by iNFECTED
DocuXplorer Enterprise v4.3.12.344 by CORE
DocXpertz Expert PDF Converter 2007 by AT4RE
DOEpack 2000 v3.0.21 by f4cg
DokArchiv v2.0 by CORE
DokArchiv v2.0 German by CORE
Dokmee All Edition v2.5.0.46 by FFF
Dokmee Enterprise v3.2.0.1113 by DJiNN
Dokmee Professional v2.6.0.13 by AGGRESSiON
Dolby Surround for Winamp5 by SnD
Dolphin Aqua Life 3D Screensaver v3.0.3 by s0m
Dolphin Dice XP v8.12 by FFF
Dolphin Integration SMASH v5.17.0 by DEVOTiON
Dolphin Integration SoC GDS v6.5.1 by Lz0
Dolphin Integration SoC GDS v6.8.1 by Lz0
Dolphin Safe Software NFL Office Pool v2009. by BEAN
Dolphin Safe Software NFL Office Pool v2010. by BEAN
Dolphin Safe Software NFL Office Pool v2011. by BEAN
Dolphin SoC GDS v6.2.0 SOLARIS by TBE
Dolphins Software Volts v4.01 Enterprise Edition by AGGRESSiON
Domace Hospodarstvo v6.0 by SCF
Domain Name Analyzer Professional v4.0.102204 by CORE
Domain Name Checker v2.1 by AHTeam
Domain Punch Professional v1.0.012804 by CORE
Domain Punch Professional v1.0.102204 by CORE
DomainBrain v2.0.1 MacOSX by NOY
DomDomSoft Anime Downloader v1.3 by CAUSTiC
Dometrix Kfz-Werkstatt v3.5.1.0 by DEVOTiON
Dometrix Kfz-Werkstatt v3.5.1.0 German by DEVOTiON
Domino by CSC
Domino Master Gold v1.0r by FFF
DOMUS 3D v3.0 by SaroTh
DoneEx AppBinder ActiveX v1.1.2.0 by SnD
Doom 3 by RELOADED
Doom 3 Beta 2 Open GL1&2 Fix by FFF
Doom 3 Minimizer v1.1 by CiX
Doom 3 Nightmare Fix! by FFF
Doomsday Projects by TEX
Doppelkopf Professionell v3.01 Live (Vollversion)
Dora's Rapido River Rafting Race by FFF
DOS2USB v1.50 by UnderPl
DOS2USB v1.57 by UnderPl
DOS2USB v1.59.26 by SSG
DOS2USB v1.59.69 by AT4RE
DOSPrinter v3.2 by ICU
DOSPrinter v7.3 by UCF
DOSprn v1.6 by RYURIK
DOSprn v1.7 by Udzzis
DOSprn v1.72 by CORE
DosPrn v1.72 by TSRh
DOSPRN v1.76 by CORE
DOSprn v1.78 by TSRh
Dot Matrix Pilot v2.10 by HS
Dot Net Class Builder v1.0 by SnD
DotFix FakeSigner v2.x by t4C
DotNET Developer Bundle and by CROSSFiRE
DotNET Reflector v2.01.04 by CFF
Double Deck Pinochle v3.32 by TBE
Double Match v1.0a
DoublePics v2.3.2.0 by TSRh
DoubleTake v2.2.4 MacOSX by CORE
Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) v5.3.9.6 by MaBi
Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) v7.0.1.1 by Bidjan
Download Accelerator Plus 7 by WIRED
Download Accelerator Plus v3.9.0.9
Download Accelerator Plus v8.0.4.1 by CFC
Download avast v5.0.667 Antivirus registration
Download Manager 95 105 by PC
Download Manager v1.05 by MrWIL
Download Manager v1.5 by PC
Download Master v2.0 by ECLiPSE
Download Speeder v1.12 by ORiON
Download Speeder v1.16 by ORiON
Downloader Pro v1.2 by CORE
Downloader Pro v1.5 by TSRh
DownloadHelper for Firefox v4.8.6 by HERiTAGE
DownloadWizard Plus v2.50 by CORE
DownStream CAM350 v10.0.1.309
Downstream Cam350 v9.1.2 by RiSE
Downtime Manager v6.2 by diGERATi
Downyhood Screensaver v1.0 by s0m
Dpeg Suite v6.08 by ACME
Dpeg Suite v6.19 by p-HeLL
Dposoft HDD Regenerator v1.71 by DEVOTiON
Dr batcher v1.2 by REVENGE
Dr DivX v1.0 by FFF
Dr Explain v1.5.24 by AGGRESSiON
Dr Explain v1.5.32 by cRUDE
Dr Explain v3.1.207 Advanced Edition by cRUDE
Dr Explain V4.0.418 by ENGiNE
Dr Hardware 99 v3.0 by EMiNENCE
Dr Hardware Premium v5.5.0d German by ViRiLiTY
Dr Salman s Windows Powertools v3.75 by DBC
Dr Salman`s WinBooster v4.0 by TNT
Dr Web v4.33 DC20060613 Linux by Lz0
DR-008 v1.21 by PARADOX
Dr. DivX v1.0.2 by ECLiPSE
Dr. DivX v1.01 v1.0x by ECLiPSE
Dr. DWG NetView v2.0 by PC
Dr. Regener Sonne Mond Kalender v7.0 by BLiZZARD
Dr.Batcher v1.3 by REVENGE
Dr.Explain v5.x
Dr.Web for Windows 95-XP v4.30 by ROR
Dr.Web for Windows 95-XP v4.30a by ROR
Dr.Web v4.27b Key
Drag Racing Analyzer Pro v2.0 by tCA
Dragon 3D Screensaver v1.0 by s0m
Dragon Age 2
Dragon Age II
Dragon Age Orgians
Dragon Age Originis
Dragon Age Origins
Dragon Age Origins Awakening
Dragon Draughts v4.0.0 by p-HeLL
Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 ITA
Dragon Stop Motion v1.1.7 MacOSX by XFORCE
DrawMusic ChordSong v2006.0.126.0 by DEVOTiON
DRD Systems VideoReDo TVSuite H 264 v4.20.6.614 Beta by cRUDE
DRD Systems VideoReDo TVSuite H 264 v4.20.7.629 by cRUDE
DRD Systems VideoReDo TVSuite H 264 v4.20.7.629 fix by cRUDE
DRD Systems VideoReDo TVSuite v3.20.1.587 by DEVOTiON
DreamCoder for Oracle Professional v1.8.2.6 by EMBRACE

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