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Conditions of use:

  1. All the information located on this resource is for private use by its developers and must not be used by you in any way. If you use this service and disagree with these "Conditions of use", administration of the resource and/or hosting provider don't bear any responsibility for your actions in general or based on the information that might be found on this resource. Also, if you do not comply with current "Conditions of use" you have no right to complain because your actions will be considered as a violation of code no. 431.322.12 of the 1995 Internet Privacy Act.
  2. This resource does not distribute any commercial software, as this would be illegal. Administration of this resource would give all the possible help in stopping such illegal actions.
  3. is a well-known resource and it gave a good account on itself working successfully for about a year and giving efficient and high-quality information on computer security.
  4. Administration of this resource is indeed against of using the materials found on this resource for cracking any commercial software as it is prosecuted by law and is called "Computer piracy".
  5. Further to mention that hosting provider of that resource hosts only a catalogue of links and does not host any executable files. Also we would like to point to that independent developers developed all the materials on this resource and we have organized an easy search and accessible presentation of this information. We do not bear any responsibilities for the content and/or use of these materials.

We believe, that having read and become aware of this "Conditions of use" and you will not spend your and our time sending your complaints, though we will be happy to receive any essential recommendations and advice.

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